Nutritional therapy is a whole body approach to nutrition.  It looks at the body as a whole system and addresses potential underlying causes of ill health rather than focus on symptoms.

It’s a personalised approach that focuses on the individual and aims to identify potential nutrient imbalances that may contribute to symptoms.

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Helping With Your Goals

Nutritional therapy can be used to support chronic conditions as well as day to day fluctuations in health. It can help to improve digestive issues, hormone imbalance, weight loss or gain, migraine, poor sleep, skin conditions, aches and pains, diabetes, auto immune disease, allergy, energy levels, poor mental health and general wellbeing. 

A nutritional therapist will explore your health with you and put together a programme of food supplements and dietary recommendations, tailored towards you as an individual. This will help you move forward with health goals or manage health conditions, forming sustainable habits that last a lifetime.

My Interest

My interest in nutrition has come from trying to address some of my own low level health problems over many years.   Like many people I’ve suffered in the past from low energy, I’ve had migraines from a child, on occasion had low mood and my weight has often fluctuated. I’ve found myself looking towards nutrition to improve my quality of life, support a busy lifestyle and improve my yoga practice.

Yoga | Coaching | Nutrition | Holistically Anne Harrison  Holistically Anne Harrison | Yoga Classes | Coaching | NutritionYoga | Coaching | Nutrition | Holistically Anne Harrison


As my interest grew I found a lot conflicting and unhelpful information, including a lot of fads and incorrect information.  This lead me to undertaking more research, and as I found out more my interest grew further and I started my nutritional therapist qualification. 

I qualified with The School of Health with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

Yoga | Coaching | Nutrition | Holistically Anne Harrison